What influences your writing?

Art, to me, is an antidote for the diseases of the world.

I am inspired by social chaos, gender/racial discrimination, and personal turmoil. My biggest literary influences are Ocean Vuong, Roald Dahl, Mary Ruefle, Robyn Schiff, Pooja Nansi, Sylvia Plath, Cyril Wong, and Emily Dickinson.

I’d love to. Please send it over! We can be workshop pals :)

Can you look at something I wrote?

I’m too lazy to carry around a huge camera so I just use my phone to take photos on my travels. The newer photos are taken by an iPhone XS Max; the older photos, an iPhone 7+. Occasionally, photos from Mom’s Samsung S7 will pop up in the gallery.

Disclaimer: all photos under “Poetry” are obtained from a public domain (Tumblr or Pinterest) unless otherwise stated. If you see your photo here and would like to be credited, please message me and I’ll be more than happy to give you credit.

All dorky portraits of me are taken by Herna Susanto.

Where do you get your photos?

Squarespace everything. I’m currently using the Avenue theme on Squarespace. Even my logo was designed on the Squarespace logo-creating widget. Highly recommend!

How did you design your website?

Two truths and a lie:

1) Chili sauce on everything.

2) J’adore by Dior is my favorite scent.

3) I have gone swimming with dolphins.